Selina Jen unveils her dream-like wedding gown

Her rumoured ex-lover Show Luo was excluded from the list of wedding guests

Selina Jen is counting down to her big day. The singer will be tying the knot with fiancé Richard Chang on Oct 31.

With 17 days to go, the couple had started to hand out wedding invitations, to fill the 88 tables during the banquet.

Guests who made it to Selina and Richard's invite list included Kevin Tsai, Matilda Tao, Li Li-ren, Wilber Pan, Huang Zi-jiao, Chan Han-tien, Blackie Chen, Christine Fan, Zhang Xiao Yan, Bowie Tseng, A-mei, Jolin Tsai, Harlem Yu, Lee Hom, John Yuan, Patty Hou, Barbie and Dee Hsu, Peggy Wu, Aya, Fish Leong, Jody Chiang, Mayday, Jackie Wu and Lin Chi-ling.

The list included past rumoured couples, such as A-Mei and Lee Hom, as well as Bowie and Zi-jiao. However, Selina's rumoured ex-lover Show Luo was not in the list.

When contacted, Show's manager said, "We still give her our well wishes, regardless we receive her invitation or not."

Many speculated that the list seemed to contain a hidden meaning. For example, model Lin Chi-ling was invited, but her rumoured beau Jerry Yan was not. Singer Jolin was invited to the wedding, but her boyfriend Vivian Dawson was not.

When asked if Vivian will accompany Jolin to the banquet, Jolin's manager said, "She should be bringing me along."

He added that Jolin will "definitely" greet Patty Hou -- her former love-rival -- if she sees her.

Selina also announced the names of her bridesmaids, which included her younger sister Kirsten, band mates Hebe Tien and Ella Chen, hairstylist Jasmin and Selina's classmate from university.

Richard's group of best men is made up of his good friends and colleagues. The total number of bridesmaids and best men will be 10, which symbolises perfection.

Variety hosts Ken Lin and Natto Lin will host the wedding, while Hebe and Ella will be drinking on Selina's behalf.

However, due to Hebe and Ella's busy schedule, it is said that the pair had yet to try out their bridesmaid gowns.

At the same time, Selina also released another set of wedding photos. In the pictures, the singer wore a bluish-grey evening gown, decorated with Swarovski crystals, which cost NT$220,000 (S$10,000).

Linli, the stylist who selected the piece, explained, "The skirt's splicing was specially treated, while the back [of the evening gown] is made of blue silk ribbons and imitation silk, with butterfly motifs, bringing out an elegant and dream-like feeling."

The coat Richard wore was tailor-made and sponsored by renowned Italian brand Ermenegildo Zegna, worth up to NT$180,000 (S$8000).

The couple also chose to give soy sauce and chocolates as door gifts on their wedding day.

The soy sauce symbolises the couple's future, where basic needs will be enough for them to lead a happy life, while the couple hoped to share their happiness with their guests through the chocolates.

Source: Xin MSN

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