DAIGO to star in “Ultraman Saga” movie with Tsuruno Takeshi and Sugiura Taiyo

Popular singer and talento DAIGO (33) has been announced as the star of the next “Ultraman” film. This will be his first time starring in a movie, and also his first time playing a hero in a tokusatsu work. Tsuruno Takeshi and Sugiura Taiyo have also been revealed as his co-stars.

“Ultraman Saga” is scheduled to open in theaters next March. DAIGO will play Taiga Nozomu, a young man who transforms into Ultraman Zero. Tsuruno will once again take on the role of Asuka Shin from the 1997-1998 “Ultraman Dyna” series, while Sugiura will return in his role of Haruno Musashi from the 2001-2002 series “Ultraman Cosmos.”

Taiga is the son of Ultra Seven, a rookie member of the self-defense team Super GUTS who is also a talented pilot. After desperately protecting a child in danger and sustaining a serious injury, he is chosen as Ultraman Zero, resulting in the birth of a new hero.

The story this time deals with a mysterious race of invaders who have taken over the Earth. Ultraman Zero must team up with Ultraman Dyna and Ultraman Cosmos to restore peace to the planet.

“Ultraman Saga” will be shown in 2D and 3D in theaters starting March 24, 2012.

Source: Eiga, Mantan Web, Tokyograph

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