Jay Chou dismisses relationship with Hannah Quinlivan as rumour

The superstar said that the young model will not be attending his birthday party

At the gala premiere of his latest movie The Viral Factor, Taiwanese singer Jay Chou confessed that filming for the action movie was so tough that he had no plans of taking on another movie of similar genre anytime soon.

Instead, the singer planned on writing and directing a romantic love story, joking that the movie would stand a higher chance of being nominated for an award.

When the media asked if rumoured girlfriend Hannah Quinlivan, would be an ideal choice for the lead role of his romance film, Jay replied that the two were merely friends.

The superstar added that he would never collaborate with anyone who was once rumoured with him.

On the choice of the main female role, Jay expressed his hopes of searching for a fresh face and explored the possibility of an open audition.

However, if the singer ended up with no one suitable for the role, he would consider actress Kwai Lun Mei, whom he once worked with for the movie Secret.

Meanwhile, Jay admitted on plans to write a sequel for Secret and had even met up with veteran actress Brigitte Lin for discussions.

Due to celebrate his 33-year-old birthday, the singer revealed that birthday plans included an invitation to 50 close showbiz friends for the premiere of The Viral Factor in Taiwan.

When asked if Hannah was on the guest list, Jay answered, "All female celebrity friends are invited including that person (Hannah), but I don't think she will be showing up."

Source: Xin MSN

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