f(x)'s Victoria to star in new drama with Calvin Chen

Victoria Song, the Chinese member of Kpop group f(x), will be starring in a new Taiwanese drama with Calvin Chen of Fahrenheit, and Zhou Mi of Super Junior-M. The drama’s tentative name is “失去城堡的王子” (roughly translates to The Prince Who Lost His Castle), which will be distributed by GTV. As many have noticed, there has been an increase number of Korean idols crossing over to star in Taiwanese dramas. Nine years ago, Choo Ja Hyun costarred in a series with Eddie Peng, then followed by Park Eun Hye, Park Shin Hye, SJ members Donghae and Siwon, as well as Park Jung Min and Goo Hye Sun starring in dramas that have not been aired yet (Fondant Garden and Absolute Boyfriend). However, since they can’t speak Mandarin, all of their voices have been dubbed. Thankfully, dubbing won’t be needed for Victoria and Zhou Mi.

Victoria has reportedly arrived on set at Shenzhen China since Tuesday. She plays a long lost granddaughter of a big corporate company, while Calvin and Zhou Mi are candidates to succeed the company. Calvin mentioned about working with Victoria on “Apple Entertainment News” a few days ago. He responded through his manager yesterday that they will begin shooting the drama tomorrow or the day after, so it’s not convenient for him to reveal any further details. GTV confirmed that it will distribute the drama outside of China and will broadcast it in Taiwan when the filming is finished.

Source: Appledaily, CpopAccess

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