A-Fu Teng's New EP Album: Happiness is Around Us

Coming back to release her sophomore album, A-Fu Teng is ready to steal that limelight once more. After her debut album, A-Fu is set to release her newest addition to her album list entitled "Happiness is Around Us".

The EP album is packed with 3 songs that are composed of three different genres.

It kicks off with "All Happy", a cute country song that is so whimsical then followed by "Where is the Love?" which is more dramatic and mellow. I really this song and you can just see her versatility in this album as you can discover the different sides of her.

The last track "Thank You" is a demo version.

But there is something more with this album that makes it special. It has around 6,666 copies which is A-Fu Teng's favorite number whose serial number are written by her so it is like an exclusive album.

Too bad it only contains 3 songs but hey, I think it is all worth it.

My Rating: 9.7/10

Track List:

  2. Where is the love? 
  3. Thank You [DEMO Version]
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