NTV outlines behavior rules for AKB48, Johnny's Jr cast of TV drama

TOKYO — Members of AKB48 and Johnnys Jr will have to be on their best behavior when they film an NTV drama. The network has laid down the law on their behavior while they are filming “Shiritsu Bakareya Koko” (Private High School), which will be broadcast from April 14 each week at 12:50 a.m.

Johnny’s Jr is the “youthful” division of male singers at Johnny’s Jimusho. They usually include any artist who hasn’t released a CD yet. In the drama, they play delinquent students, while the AKB48 girls play spoiled rich girls.

Shintaro Morimoto, 14, who plays the leader of the bad boys, said: “I argued at school sometimes, but I never got into fights.”

To make sure there is no hanky-panky between the two groups, for whom a squeaky clean image is mandatory, NTV said it has three rules.

1. Romantic relationships between any members of the two sides are prohibited.
2. Giving each other mobile phone numbers and e-mail addresses is prohibited.
3. All cast members must go to bed (alone) early and get up early.

Morimoto said he’ll do his best with rule No. 3 but was evasive about Nos. 1 and 2.

AKB48 singer Haruka Shimazaki, 17, said: “A ban on relationships is normal anyway for AKB48, so it shouldn’t be a problem.”

The drama is the brainchild of AKB48 creator Yasushi Akimoto.

Source: Japan Today

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