2PM to teach Korean on Japanese TV channel NHK

It has been recently announced that 2PM will be teaching Korean to Japanese viewers on Japan’s NHK channel!

2PM attended the official press conference for ‘Korean Courses through TV,’ which was held at the NHK headquarters in Shibuya (Tokyo) on February 29th. The program is set to air on April 2nd, and 2PM will have their own special segment called ‘2PM’s One Point Korean‘, in which they will personally teach phrases that are frequently used when traveling in Korea.

At the press conference, Chansung revealed his feelings about their first fixed Japanese appearance, saying, “At first, we were really surprised. We were worrying about how to teach Korean well, but when we were recording today all those worries disappeared, and we had a lot of fun.” Wooyoung added, “We are grateful for this opportunity, and we will try very hard to make learning Korean enjoyable for everyone.”

On learning Korean, Thai member Nichkhun commented, “It may seem kind of weird that I’m teaching Korean, but the more you write and use Korean, the more your skills improve.” He jokingly added, “The more love you show 2PM, the better your Korean skills will get.”

Taecyeon also gave some advice on learning Korean, saying, “When it comes to learning languages, it’s not just the input that’s important, but the output. If people participate and follow along instead of just watching, their skills will improve.”

Source: KpopUnli

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