Happy 2nd Birthday To US!!!

You've read it right... we just turned 2!! Hooray! This calls for a celebration!

So, it's been two years since I started this blog and I didn't thought it would make it this far. It was just a personal blog that shares my thoughts and now, look where it has gone? I was so happy... You guys really rock.

I would like to thank all of you who have supported us all the way through. From hard times to good times, you never left us and to our dear readers, I promise you that I will bring you the best of Asian Music.

From my heart, I offer you my deepest gratitude for making this dream come true. I know that someday, this blog will not just be a blog but rather a community where people can share their passion for music. I have longed for that.

There are still things that we want to achieve in the coming months and years to come, and we would like you to be a part of it.

1. Have our own domain.

Having our own domain means a lot to us. Instead of having to type a long url or web address, it will be just which is more formal. However though, it will cost us $10. It's not that big to be honest but the problem is, in order to buy a domain from, we need to have a credit card and unluckily, I don't have that. So if there is someone out there reading this who would like to be our sponsor and donate, you are very welcome.

2. Establish a social-media empire.

We all want to be popular and one thing to do that is the social media. As of now, we have 1,288 likes on our fan page and 700 followers on twitter and it keeps on growing. So tweet, share and like us!.

3. Rebuild our reputation.

It was a problem that we encountered a year ago. Facebook has blocked our domain because they think it was spammy and abusive. I will let you judge that. I think it was because someone purposely blocked us. However, there is still one thing we can do, report it. If you would look at our archives, you will see a post that states all what you need to help us.. thank you in advance!

4. More than what you expect.

We will continue giving you all the best we can. That's all.

Now, I would like to say "Thank You!" once more for making all of this possible. Without you, this wouldn't be existing. Thank you for the 1,005 blog posts, 479 comments, 46 blog followers, 580,695 page views and a whole lot.

I love you all! Cheers!

Happy birthday to us!

- Justin -

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