A-Mei and Lee Hom reunite on stage with a kiss

Sharing the stage once again after 10 years, the AMeiZING tour in Taipei ends with a climax

"Why did you keep me waiting for so long?"

That was the reply that A-Mei gave when Lee Hom asked, "Why didn't we share the stage again after the collaboration 10 years ago?".

According to the Taiwanese press, A-Mei had contacted Lee Hom after finishing her seventh concert and asked, "Will you be coming tomorrow (as my guest)?" to which Lee Hom agreed without hesitation. The pair did a last minute rehearsal yesterday afternoon, making the collaboration the biggest surprise of the night.

After her song "Come if you dare", A-Mei expressed that she wished to introduce a talented musician from Taitung (A-Mei's hometown) to her fans. It became a pleasant shock when Lee Hom came on stage wearing a traditional aboriginal costume complete with a sword.

When asked why he had brought a sword along, Lee Hom replied, "There was an outrageous guest artiste a few days ago, who came to fake a kiss and even proposed (referring to singer Harlem Yu, who was A-Mei's guest on the third night of her concert). I've had enough of that."

A-Mei laughed shyly upon hearing his statement. When she proceeded to ask what Lee Hom intended to do, he replied, "I'm here to bring you back to Taitung."

His statement made the audience go wild, urging the singers to "get together" and "kiss". Lee Hom then shouted to the crowd, "Shut up! I have a sword with me!" A-Mei who was already flushed red in the face gave Lee Hom a kiss, which caused the crowd to roar in approval.

A-Mei's AMeiZING Concert in Taipei came to a close after last night's amazing performance.

Source: Xin MSN

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