Da Mouth's New Album: 'influəns

Da Mouth returns with a brand new image and new style for their newest album "'influəns".

Going for a more techno and futuristic approach, the album is packed with 12 tracks that are perfect for clubbing and partying.

The first four tracks were good though they sounded the same. Nothing much was new. However, I really love their song "R u kiDdiNg mE?" which is a little more playful than the previous tracks. Also, it was followed by another great song "Beautiful Luv" which has the jazz flavor in it.

Another great song is "Maybe的機率". Personally, I really recommend for you to listen to is "防衛心態" because it was a simple acoustic song that is very interesting. It is not your usual Da Mouth. It was just so good that you have to repeat it over and over again.

So for me, the album started really off but as soon as you get to track 5, everything started to change. From the genre to the total effect, it was something to look forward to.

My Rating: 9.1/10

Track List:
  1. 張大你的嘴巴
  2. 流感
  3. 你怕誰
  4. R u kiDdiNg mE?
  5. Beautiful Luv
  6. Maybe的機率
  7. 防衛心態
  8. Up 3x (OT: Cloud 10)
  9. BaBOO
  10. 最親的擁抱
  11. Baby Gnite
  12. Play!
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