S.H.E. Unveils "Flowers Have Blossomed Again" MV Teaser + BTS Photos [Updated]

UPDATE!! The official short version is finally out! Check it out below! 

The S.H.E. fever is on! Ever since their comeback has been announced, everyone has started to go wild.

And now, they make more news by releasing their 60 second music video teaser for their titular plug "花又开好了" (Flowers Have Blossomed Again).

The mv looks really nice and we got hold of some photo stills of it!

Anyways, the following information contains some *spoilers* so if you don't want some, I suggest you click the return button. :D

At first, I thought it would be like another mellow-dramatic song but I was wrong. It was actually a dance/pop with a fusion of piano melodies like Beethoven's "Für Elise" and others. Plus, the shifting of the melodies was insane! It's like a total package. Everything you could actually want in a music was all in here!

As for the music video, the theme was ballet-inspired. Looking at the photos as well as the teaser, it is definitely something.

Well, you want it so we will give it to you!

Here is the mv teaser + the full track. The full version will go live tomorrow, October 25, 7PM Taipei Time.

Click here for MV Teaser

Click here for Full Track

Click here for Official Short Version

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