S.H.E.'s New Album: Flowers have blossomed again (Teaser + Photos)

So okay, S.H.E. fans, calm down! If you have been following me on Twitter (click here if not), a couple of minutes ago, I posted an update regarding their newest album and after receiving a great feedback, here is finally an update!!

Yesterday, S.H.E. finally revealed their teaser for their upcoming 13th album "花又開好了" (Flowers have blossomed again) and it is now official! It was AMAZING!! The blending of their voice... everyone is so excited for their return!

But wait!! Ella Chen got a new haircut!! Personally, I prefer her hair before.. What do you think guys? Send us a tweet or a comment!

Anyways, if you are wondering why the title is like that, here is a brief explanation.

In 11 years, we have walked through many happy, glamorous and also sad roads. We have thus really understood that life is like flowers, they will blossom but also wither, but if we are brave and don’t give up our dreams, withered flowers which have been through winter will once again bloom. Because life is beautiful, with the support and trust for each other, flowers will bloom and give us an enchanting sight as in spring time (a Chinese proverb which also means that when one encounters hardship there will always be a way out),and we would once again embrace all the good things.

Hebe’s thoughts after the cover shooting:
That day we talked, laughed and walked through many roads on the river-side and also parks of Milan. We also took a lot of picture. When I returned to the hotel and lied on the bed I was surprised at how sore and stiff my legs were, I immediately thought of how hard wife must have it. Thumbs up to her! Being able to have such beautiful trip with my good sisters and collect memories that only belong to us, everything is worth it. Now when I look at the pictures I will still smile. 

And for a sneak peek, here are more photos from their shoot in Milan plus their official album teaser!!

Track List:

01. 迫不及待 (2013台灣颩燈會形象主題曲)
02. 花又開好了
03. 不說再見
04. 心還是熱的 (7-11心熱園電視廣告歌曲)
05. 親愛的樹洞
06. 還我 (電影「花漾」主題曲)
07. 明天的自己
08. 那時候的樹
09. 像女孩的女人 (三立偶像劇「天使的替身」片頭曲)
10. 後來後來


01. SHERO (2010臺北國際花卉博覽會指定主題曲)
02. 我愛雨夜花
03. 愛就對了
04. 你不會
05. 愛上你 (電視「就想賴著你」片尾曲
06. 兩個人的荒島 (時尚職場勵志劇「杜拉拉升職記」片尾曲)

Credits to she4ever and S.H.E. Him Music.
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