Show Luo: My fans are not flies

The Taiwanese singer-actor speaks up against Anthony Wong’s harsh remarks on his fans It has been close to four months since Jay Chou’s fans made a dig at Show Luo, but harsh exchanges between Anthony Wong (Jay’s godfather) and Show Luo’s fans continues.

In June this year, the veteran Hong Kong actor invited a wave of verbal abuse from Show’s fans when he wrote on his microblog: “Who is Show Luo?” The incident gradually died down when Show publicly apologised to Anthony on behalf of his fans.

In an earlier interview, Anthony brought up the topic again and said, “Of course I know who Andy Lau is, but Show Luo? How would I know?”

The 51-year-old outraged fans when he used an analogy of “flies and dung” to describe Show’s relationship with his fans, indirectly suggesting that they are “flies” that flock to the “dung”.

“Does it make sense for a cool idol to have such idiotic fans?” he mocked.

At a dance audition for his upcoming world tour concert, Show, 33, made an official response to defend his fans.

The Taiwanese artiste appeared slightly agitated by Anthony’s words and bluntly said, “I respect everyone. But I love my fans and they are not flies!”

Source: Xin MSN

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  1. man that is harsh to describe someones fans as flies! even if you dont respect him.
    I guess I am just a flie!


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