Amber Kuo's New Album: Hear, There and Everywhere

After her continuous success as an actress, Amber Kuo returns to the music scene with her newest and fourth studio album entitled "Hear, There and Everywhere".

Hear, There and Everywhere Album Cover

 Packed with 10 tracks including a bonus Live DVD of her One Night Fever concert.

The album contains her latest drama "Love Forward"'s opening and theme song, "Irrigate Love" and "Ought to Forget" as well as its titular plug "給他" (Hear, There And Everywhere).

One Night Fever Live DVD Cover
Anyways, here is the full tracklist of her newest album!

Enjoy! :D

Track List:

01. 給他 Hear, There And Everywhere
02. 灌溉愛 All I Have To Do Is Dream
03. 最好的天氣 What A Wonderful Day
04. 該忘了 Forget Me Not
05. 爆炸的沉默 Silent Sigh
06. 小狐狸 My Lover
07. 超完美地獄 Upside Down
08. 單曲循環 I Belong To You
09. 還愛著你 Loving You
10. 都是你 It's You

One Night Fever - 第1次個人演唱會LIVE實況
01. Opening Show
02. 給他
03. 超完美地獄
04. 還愛著你
05. 小狐狸
06. 最好的天氣
07. 都是你
08. 不插電經典組曲 (誠實地想你+你在不在+煙火)
09. 單曲循環
10. 該忘了
11. 爆炸的沉默
12. 灌溉愛

Bonus Track
One Night Fever - 貼身跟拍幕後花絮影音全記錄

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