Lee Hom embroiled in ‘sex service’ scandal

The Taiwanese celebrity has been named as the number one suspect in an incident involving prostitution

Taiwanese singer-actor Lee Hom landed in another scandal after reports insinuated that on November 15, the 36-year-old asked for a ‘sex service’ with a woman who is believed to be a prostitute. This news came barely one month after he was spotted bringing Taiwanese model Evelyn Lin home for Halloween.

The scantily-clad woman, who claimed to be of Korean nationality, was said to have visited a house in a luxurious estate in Taipei where Lee Hom’s mansion is located. Reports further revealed that the unnamed female jumped into another guy’s car when she left the house and then headed for a motel straight after.

She did not answer when asked if she recognized the celebrity in a picture shown to her by reporters, but she disclosed that “he is a tall guy” and that they did appear in the same room before.

The online community has been trying to figure out the identity of the ‘Quality Idol’ as reported in the papers, with Lee Hom, who was once referred to as such, being the biggest suspect. Netizens claimed that he is the only singer who has ever been given this title.

Regarding this, Lee Hom’s manager clarified that the artiste has been working in China recently and refused to comment on Lee Hom’s location on the day of the prostitution incident.

When asked if the company plans to sue the press, the manager said, “We will not comment on reports that have nothing to do with Lee Hom.”

Source: Xin MSN

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