JJ Lin's 10th Anniversary Album: 因你 而在 Stories Untold {Updated}

Celebrating his 10th year in the industry, JJ Lin marks 2013 as his year with the release of his anniversary album entitled "因你 而在 Stories Untold".

Although there is no official track list yet, JJ Lin has already released his titular plug "You N Me" whose music video is expected to be released in the upcoming days.

Also, he has released the album trailer which popularized the following lines:

"我們的超能力不是改變世界,我們的超能力是不被世界改變(Our superpower doesn't empower us to change the world, our superpower empowers us not to be changed by the world)"

Album pre-order starts on February 20 and the official release will be on March 13, 2013.

Stay tuned to our blog for more updates! As for now, enjoy the trailer and his titular plug! :)

You N Me Track

Album Trailer

Track List:

01. 因你而在 You N Me
02. 零度的親吻 Frozen Kiss
03. 黑暗騎士 feat. 五月天 The Dark Knight
04. 修煉愛情 Practice Love
05. 飛機 feat. 林俊峰 Fly Back In Time
06. 巴洛克先生 小提琴特別演奏 feat.王力宏 Mr. Baroque
07. One Shot 小提琴特別演奏 feat.王力宏 One Shot
08. 裂縫中的陽光 Before Sunrise
09. 友人說 feat.懷秋 Somebody
10. 十秒的衝動 10 Seconds Of Insane Bravery
11. 以後要做的事 Future Tense 

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