Mayday's "Noah's Ark-Reborn" World Tour Dates

They are coming back! Top band Mayday returns to the stage for their second leg of their world tour. Entitled "Noah's Ark - Reborn", the tour is expected to run until July though there are still dates to be determined for some areas.

Featuring the line "Now-Here", Mayday's "Noah's Ark" World Tour was acclaimed as the fastest ticket selling concert in history of Chinese music by selling more than 100,000 tickets in less than 3 hours.

Proving why they are called the number 1, Mayday returns with a series of concerts around the globe.

As for now, here's the list of their world tour dates.

諾亞方舟》明日重生 世界巡迴演唱 ("Noah's Ark - Reborn" World Tour)

2/2 LA
3/2 馬來西亞 (Malaysia)
3/3 馬來西亞 (Malaysia)
3/9 杭州 (Hangzhou)
3/16 昆明 (Kunmin)
3/23 貴陽 (Guiyang)
3/30 重慶 (Chongqing)
4/30 寧波 (Ningbo)
5月 香港 (Hong Kong)
5/18 常州 (Changzhou)
5/25 哈爾濱 (Harbin)
6/11 石家庄 (Shijiazhuang)
6/14 新加坡 (Singapore)
6/15 新加坡 (Singapore)
6/22 西安 (Xi'an)
6/29 大连 (Dalian)
7/13 厦门 (Xiamen)
7/27 呼和浩特 (Hohhot)
(天津,太原 日期還沒確定)(Tianjin, Taiyan -- date yet to be determined)

PS: 去演唱會記得要買互動版LED熒光棒哦~ 
(If going to the concert, please buy the interactive version of the LED sticks. )

Source: Wuyuetian

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