Selina Jen's Birthday Greetings to Hebe Tian

Last March 30, S.H.E. member Hebe Tian celebrated her 30th birthday. She is 30 years old!! But seriously, I think she just looks around 20. What do you think??

Anyways, her co-member Selina Jen sent her birthday greetings together with some photos. So cutee!!

1. 有妳的日子,「街角的祝福」都變得輕快美好
Days with you the blessings around the street corner」 will become brisk and beautiful.
Days with you even plain boiled water is as rich and mellow as coffee.
Days with you even if it is windy and rainy I can still smile very happily.
Days with you, once I wake up and open my eyes I can see the most genuine friendship.
5. 有妳的日子,日記本每一頁都有彩色的照片
Days with you every page in the diary will have coloured photos.
6. 有妳的日子,「愛」是永遠說不夠的字 我愛妳,親愛的Hebe,生日快樂 抱歉洗版,六則留言祝壽星六六大順〜
Days with you 「Love」 is a word that I will never say enough, I love you, dear Hebe Happy birthday! Sorry for spamming, I’m posting six consecutive entries to wish the birthday girl “liu liu da shun”〜

Source: Transition88

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