[Download] Aaron Yan App for iPhone and Android

If you are a fan of Aaron Yan, then check this out!! A fan app was made dedicated to Aaron and is now available for download for both iPhone and Android users.

  • you can only use the app by logging in using either your sina weibo or yinyuetai account (but I bet hardly any pudding here as a yinyuetai account?)
  • the gallery features an album full of arron eye candies! (saves a LOT of phone memory!)
  • still on the gallery, on the top right hand corner, you would see like a toggle switch. tap the right side and you’d be directed to the eye candy videos~ (wifi or data connection required, but I prefer to use wifi so we won’t rack up our phone bills hehehe)
  • the trace option on the main menu is a calendar which features Arron’s schedule this month (the latest is 12.01, details are all in Chinese though)
  • the fan board features the app’s social site where you can upload photos. It’s like instagram, minus the filters (or I just haven’t found it?)
  • you can also use the app as an alarm. I tried it and the alarm tone is Unstoppable Sun’s chorus. You can set the alarm to repeat in specific days (days of the week are all in chinese still)
  • latest news can also be found on the news section… (not so latest though… O.o) 
-via 100frh
To download, just go to

Enjoy! :)

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