Cyndi Wang breaks silence on scandal: "I am not the third party!"

TAIPEI: "I am not the third party! I have never come between them," said Taiwan singer-actress Cyndi Wang tearfully, during a press conference in Taiwan on Monday.

Wang went on to refute rumours that she had caused Taiwan model-actress Sonia Sui and her boyfriend Taiwan actor Yao Yuan Hao to break up, reported Taiwan media.

Sui, who had been dating Yao on and off for the past eight years, had earlier told the media that she hoped "someone else can take better care of him" when she recently confirmed that she had broken up with Yao in February, sparking rumours that Yao was seeing another woman.

Wang was implicated after a plate in a photo she had posted on her micro blog, was found to be identical to a plate found in Yao's home.

Wang explained during the press conference that the photo was taken in May last year, when she was at Yao's home with some friends to make desserts.

The actress added that she and Yao started dating soon after, but it was a short lived relationship.

"In August last year, when I knew he was getting back together [with Sui], I told myself to take back my heart [from Yao] as it is also a way of fulfilling his wish," said Wang.

"I have also been viciously hurt by a third party before, I would never have let myself be a third party in someone else's relationship."

It was only in February this year, when Yao broke it off with Sui for the third time, that Wang started contacting him again.

Did they start dating once more?

Wang sobbed and did not answer, leaving it up to her manager to give a reply.

"She is currently not dating Yao," said Wang's manager.

Yao's manager corroborated Wang's account, and reiterated that Yao did not cheat on Sui, pointing out that Yao was single between February and August, after his second breakup with Sui.


Source: Channel News Asia

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