F.I.R. 飛兒樂團 's New Album: Better Life

Celebrating their 10th year in the music industry, F.I.R. releases their newest album, "Better Life".

From a super fantasy pop rock genre, F.I.R. goes down a little to a more dramatic anthem with their titular plug. And as the chorus says, "No need to say goodbye/ Never to say goodbye/ 愛會永遠永遠 存在 (love will exist forever)/ No need to say goodbye/ We have the better life/  Better life".

"Life is like a process of constant washing, only to begin with in the past say goodbye, in order to have a new future." -- Ah Qin

On a personal note, F.I.R. has been one of my fave bands since they are unique and have a different flavor. And as a fan, this album just brings me such joy and tears. It's their tribute to their fans.

The album is expected to be released next week and will come with 10 tracks.

Track list:

01. 七號公路 Route 7
02. Light up the way
03. 天使都哭了 Crying angel
04. 是你 It's you
05. 大航海鬥士 The ocean fighter
06. I remember
07. 花瘋 Crazy flora
08. 千軍破 Clash of kingdoms
09. 孩子的天空 The children of the sky
10. Better life

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