Wu Chun’s wife suffered miscarriage last year

The singer-actor revealed that his two-month-old son is actually his third child

While speaking to the Taiwanese media at a recent event, Wu Chun disclosed that his wife Lin Li Yin suffered a miscarriage last year. “I wasn’t at home when she felt pain in her womb at that time. We lost the baby,” he said with remorse.

However, Li Yin successfully conceived their third child, “little Chun”, after a few months of recuperation. The baby boy was reportedly born on October 11 this year.

Having gone through the loss of the unborn baby, Wu Chun now treasures his family even more than before. The actor would call or video conference with his three-year-old daughter, Nei Nei, whenever he has a break during filming.

Although Wu Chun is often separated from his loved ones due to work, Li Yin has been supporting her husband by managing the gym business in Brunei and taking care of the kids, something the actor is thankful for. “She is the best,” he asserted.
In response to criticisms about his lack of honesty regarding his status, the 34-year-old emphasised that he decided to announce his marriage in order to “let his wife live comfortably”. “This is my personal affair and I did not harm anyone,” he reiterated.

Wu Chun also said that he is not worried about jeopardising his showbiz career because of his marital status.

Source: Xin MSN

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