Why MRT3 Should Be Shut Down

We all know what has been going on with MRT 3 for the last few months. All these emergency brakes, open doors, crashing and etc. As an avid user of the metro rail train, these incidents that has been happening is clearly a threat to all passengers. Would you feel safe riding the train knowing that any moment it could crash again? Yes, it is true that the MRT is the fastest mode of transportation in Metro Manila especially with all that heavy traffic jam that seems to be endless. There seems to be no hope or whatsoever to fix this problem. So if you are working from north to south, then most likely you are a passenger of the MRT.

But like what I mentioned, nowadays, riding the MRT is a tough decision. Safety is not a guarantee which leads me to this discussion: is it time to shut down the MRT3??

I actually have four reasons why I think MRT 3 should be shut down temporarily:

1. There is no enough train coaches -- the government told us that they will be buying more train coaches to accommodate more passengers but we're still not receiving any. The ratio between the passengers and the coaches is getting wider and wider. If you look at the numbers, the amount of passengers keep on getting higher while the number of coaches is stagnant.

2. The maintenance is a failure -- The government has extended Autre Porte Technique Global Inc’s (APT Global) maintenance contract and this is another thing to question. I still haven't figured out why the maintenance has went good to worse over the course of the years. It just sucks.

3. The contract behind it -- MRT3 is in a build-lease-transfer contract with Metro Rail Transit Corp (MRTC), which is majority owned by privately-held MRT II Holdings. This being said, the controversy behind this contract seems to have no end. There's no clarity.

4. Poor operation -- let's admit it. MRT 3 is not the most convenient thing to ride as a form of transportation. Horrible experience awaits you.

“Let us just wait for the statement of Secretary (Joseph Emilio) Abaya on what step the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) should take to achieve the objective of repairing the MRT,” these were the words of Press Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr. when asked whether the Palace is open or opposed to the suggestion of shutting down the MRT 3.

If this will actually happen, there will be wide effect of the shut down. Yes, the traffic jam will worsen since the passengers will be forced to ride other forms of transportation such as buses. But to think of it, it might be time for MRT 3 to upgrade their services and lets just let them take their time fixing the train otherwise, we are just looking ahead for another disaster.

What do you think? It is it really time for MRT to be shut down?


- Justin -

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