April 24 is Rainie Yang's Day

Mark your calendars everyone because on April 24, 2010, Rainie Yang is going to make a mark on music history. On her very special day, Rainie Yang is having her first ever major concert at the Taipei Arena! Well who doesn't want that? To add more sparks in that, she is going to release her first ever best-of-the-best album containing 3 new songs in a 3cd+dvd set! The set offers 35  hits selected from Rainie's five best-selling albums, My Intuition (2005), Meeting Love (2006), My Other Self (2007), Rainie's Proclamation: Not Yet A Woman (2008) and Rainie & Love...? (2010). But wait! There is more to come because the dvd itself contains 15 music videos. How lovely is that? I hope I could be there in Taipei to watch her concert but guess what? I couldn't. Darn it! Anyway, let's just support Rainie as a new part of her career unfolds! Hip hip hooray!! Go Rainie!!

I am sure you want to buy this.. but here is what makes you want to buy it more!! There are 3 new songs included in this album!! The concert theme song Whimsical World and the shampoo CM song S.H.E..
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