Believe In Jane To Be Released Next Tuesday

Jane Zhang's new album "Believe In Jane" was released on the market last February 2, 2010. And now, will finally release the cd + dvd version completely packed with 2 bonus songs namely: "Brave Love" and "Impressions of the West Lake". Together, let's both support our favorite singer Jane Zhang as a new chapter of her career unfolds. Also, to support Jane, I have posted some of the music videos in her album. Just go the "Music Video" section and you will find it there. Anyway, here is the track list for her album with her carrier single "I Believe".

01. Intro
02. 熱
03. 我相信
04. 勇敢愛(國際版獨家新歌)
05. 就這樣好了
06. I DO
07. 如果這就是愛情
08. 快活
09. 辦不到 ft 大嘴巴
10. 低HIGH
12. 我們都辜負了愛
13. 需要你
14. 木蘭星(電影「花木蘭」主題曲)
15. 朝思暮想(電影「熊貓大俠」主題曲)
16. 印象西湖雨 (喜多郎製作葛萊美獎入圍作品,亞洲首度CD化收錄)

01. 勇敢愛
02. 辦不到
03. 我相信
04. 如果這就是愛情
05. 就這樣好了

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