Champ Lui Pio Of Hale Goes Solo With Album "Synerygy"

They are at the peak of their career when they disturbed the silence by the news that their band "Hale" is disbanded. I was really moved by this since I consider myself as their number one fan. Too bad... it happened.

The rumors has it that the reason for the disbandment was that their lead vocalist Champ Lui Pio wants to go solo. And that rumor was later proved to be right. Going solo in his way to stardom, Champ records his debut album as a solo artist entitled "Synergy".

The album is expected to come out this November under Polyeast Records. Well, I couldn't comment much on the album since I haven't heard much of the songs though it makes me excited for it!!! The carrier single for the album is "Hanging Habagat" (Southwest Monsoon Wind) which was aired on the radio a few days ago.

I just hope him success for his plans though for me, it was really a kind of a bad idea since they are already famous... and they are really good!!

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