Noelle Cassandra's Debut Album: Noelle Cassandra

Considered as Asia's first harpist/singer/songwriter/produce, Noelle Cassandra is set off to show the world her capabilities in music.

Debuting with her first self-titled album, Noelle guarantees to give you the finest in harp and music.

I first saw this singer in the late night show "Walng Tulugan With The Master Showman" (No Sleeping With The Master Showman) singing her own rendition of "Come Back To Me" originally sung by David Cook and I was starstruck with her beauty and of course her voice.

Seeing and hearing her play the harp is so relaxing. I was so amazed of her of her own blend to pop songs that I began searching for her in the internet. Unluckily though, she was starting out and does not have that many connections so I planned to write off a critic on her debut album hoping that I could be a part of making her popular. :D

Anyway, the album consists of 14 tracks which are all covers including "Come Back To Me", "The Show" by Lenka and my favorite "Runaway" by The Corrs. It was amazing how she turned such rock-type songs into a melodic and sweet song.

Track list:

1. The Show
2. Home
3. Defying Gravity
4. Amazing
5. Vanilla Twilight
6. Dance With My Father
7. Come Back To Me
8. After The Rain
9. Big Girls Don't Cry
10. A Little Too Not Over You
12. It Was You
13. Runaway
14. Always And Forever

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