Selina Ren Gets 3rd Degree Burn In TV Drama Set

A very sad news for me. Though still, a good news because finally, Selina Ren of S.H.E. is having her own drama after "Reaching For The Stars".

I opened my Twitter account and recently, Coco Lee tweeted:

Just heard about Selina (SHE) got seriously hurt during filming, my prayer goes out 2 her n wishing her a speedy recovery. Much luv Selina

 So sad for me since I am a very great fan of them. I started searching for the news and here is the full report:

S.H.E’s Selina Ren got injured in a explosive accident on the shooting spot of Mainland while acting series “My Date With Spring.” The male lead of the same Yu Hao is also affected badly.
The shooting involved a dynamite explosion scene for which several trials succeeded. However it exploded sooner than expected and Yu immediately tried to cover Selina who had 35% skin area burnt.
Selina’s hands, legs and her back were burned and a skin transplant may be required. Her face had no damage. Her family immediately rushed to the hospital to take care of her.
Her condition is stable and currently resting in the hospital.

Well, let's just hope for Selina's fast recovery and as well as Yu Hao's.

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  1. omg.
    pray for fast recovery for the two.


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