Selina Ren able to get up and sit on wheelchair to relieve boredom

Twenty-six days after sustaining horrific third-degree burns on almost half her body from a tragic accident on set, singer/actress Selina Jen of popular Taiwanese girl group S.H.E demonstrated a strong sense of willpower and was able to remove the gauze from her left arm the day before yesterday. Selina's progress has improved so much that she is able to get out of bed and sit up on a wheelchair for the first time since her hospitalization. While seated in her wheelchair inside the small medical ward, Selina pretended to go for a spin in fresh air, but the adored celebrity gradually recalled her accident and eventually started to cry non-stop once more.

Selina's music label HIM International Music recently made an announcement of Selina's medical condition, where in addition to having gauze from her thumbs removed several days ago, gauze from around her face and from her left arm were later removed. Doctors recommended that Selina also switch from an air bed to a mattress in order to turn over while she is lying down, and to also make it more convenient to move around with her own strength.

Selina's greatest improvement from her condition was switching to a mattress, where she is able to get out of bed and into a wheelchair, since it was the first time since she sustained injuries on October 23rd that she is able to get up from a lying position. Following improvements in her condition, Selina excitedly asked a nurse to push her around several times for some carefree fun. Even though Selina's fun lasted for a quarter of an hour, she was indescribably happy towards her father: "I really wish to be like an infant sitting in baby stroller, loitering around a green pasture."

Selina's father also posted on his micro-blog, revealing that the more awake she is, the more she suffers from insomnia. A psychiatrist is giving treatment to Selina's insomnia through storytelling in order to gauge Selina in recalling the course of events that went on through the accident. In the meantime, Selina's father humbly prayed for her daughter to "have a good night's rest tonight."

Source: UDN Cpopaccess

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