Jay Chou is biggest winner at the Golden Melody Awards

The Asian superstar was named the Best Mandarin Male Singer at the Golden Melody Awards

In his acceptance speech at the 22nd Golden Melody Awards in Taiwan, Asian superstar Jay Chou said, "I thought I was going home empty-handed again."

The singer, who had been nominated five times for the Best Mandarin Male Singer at the event, first won the title two years ago.

On Jun 18, Jay's 10th album The Era clinched the Best Mandarin Album award and the Best Musical Arranger award. The superstar was also named Best Mandarin Male Singer.

The singer broke the Golden Melody Awards' curse, where in the past awards are usually won by nominees who don't turn up at the event.

Jay said that his mother had cooked him two hard-boiled eggs before the event, telling him that he would score 100% if he ate both eggs.

"The jury for the Golden Melody Awards is different each year. I love the jury this year," Jay thanked.

To his good friend and lyricist Vincent Fang, who initially planned to leave before the announcements were made, Jay said, "It's a right choice to [stay back and] support me!"

The singer then promised his fans, "I will go on to be your 'superman'!"

Did he make any eye contact with his former love Patty Hou, the emcee for the night?

"Jacky Wu's [the other host] big head blocked my view. I couldn't see clearly," the 32-year-old joked.

However, Jacky did not satirise Jay as he had expected, which was something the wacky host would do frequently.

"He's shown more restraint this year," said Jay.

Source: Xin MSN

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