Jed Madela Performs "Antara Kita", Theme Song of "Stanza Cita" on ASAP Rocks

Yes, you got it right!! He is invading Malaysia!! Together with Nikki Palikat, a finalist of Malaysian Idol, Jed Madela was chosen to sing the theme song for the upcoming Malaysian drama entitled "Stanza Cita".

Yesterday, on ASAP Rocks, he finally sings the full version of the song, including the Malaysian part.

It was really nice seeing him go international and I am really proud of him. The song is in part of his new album.

Also, just for more information, the song's title is "Antara Kita", which literally translates "Between Us". It is a revival of a classic Filipino song "Kailangan Kita"(I Need You).

Anyways, here is the full clip of his performance.

Note: The video was mirrored to avoid copyright issues.

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