Jolin Tsai caught lip-syncing at Hong Kong concert

The popstar’s concert was less than perfect with unexpected glitches

Taiwan's pop princess Jolin Tsai ended her two-day concert tour in Hong Kong last Saturday.

Apart from showing off various dance moves, Jolin also went through a lot of costume changes, but most were less revealing compared to her previous performances, probably in consideration of her model boyfriend, Vivian Dawson's feelings.

However she did not hold back on her steamy dance performance with the male dancers which had her fans going wild.

The pop princess also attempted to greet her fans in Cantonese, and the audience burst into laughter when she accidentally mentioned Vivian's Chinese name instead of saying beautiful in Cantonese.

However, Jolin's performance that night was less than perfect with unexpected glitches.

While performing the song, Perfect, the singer's hair got entangled with her wireless microphone, which pulled the headset off. However, the audience could still hear Jolin sing.

This shocked Jolin, who was seen turning around immediately to readjust her headset before continuing the performance.

Jolin's costume was also caught in the wireless transmitter she had on her back, and her dancers had to help free her from the embarrassing situation.

When asked about the lip-syncing incident, Jolin admitted that fasts songs require a stronger background harmony.

She added, "I might have danced too hard, causing the microphone to fall out constantly."

Source: Xin MSN

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