KARA's Hara and BEAST's Junhyung are dating

Today, Cube Entertainment and DSP Media both confirmed that KARA's Hara (21) and BEAST's Junhyung (23) are currently dating.

DSP Media stated that the two have good feelings toward each other. Representatives stated, "It has only been a month of dating. We want you to see a good side to their relationship."

Cube Entertainment representatives announced that the two had a senior and junior relationship until KARA's difficult times regarding their contract termination problems. Representatives from Cube Entertainment stated, "They have been dating for about a month now. Junhyung consoled Hara through her difficult times and now they are together. Busy schedules have only allowed them to go eat and a few other dating activities about three times."

Both KARA and BEAST have been promoting their songs in Japan recently. Since both groups are popular in Japan, this relationship is going to garner the interest of international fans.

Although both Hara and Junhyung split their time between Japan and Korea, they have found time to get to know each other better. After numerous meetings to discuss what debuting in Japan was like, the two became closer and eventually started dating.

After coming back from BEAST's concert in Japan on the 9th, Hara and Junhyung met at a coffee shop in Seoul. After having two cups of coffee, the two drove around until they parked and walked for an hour, finally arriving at the "Sky Park" in Sangam-dong.

The two met on Sunday night's after the broadcast of Inkigayo where there was a gap in their schedules. BEAST promoted "Fiction" on Inkigayo during that time. On the evening of June 13th, Hara and Junhyung took a walk on the streets of Hongdae to enjoy the night.

On dates, Hara and Junhyung act naturally like any other couple in their twenties. While riding in the car, Hara sticks her head out the window to enjoy the night scenes. Hara and Junhyung did not try to hide their relationship.

Cube Entertainment and DSP Media told Dispatch, "The members of KARA and BEAST are really close. We did not know that their relationships were anything more then friends." The two agencies ended by saying, "We had to check with the two of them and they have good feelings for each other. They are still in the process of getting to know each other but we believe that it has been about a month. We hope that you will be able to watch them a little longer."

Source: Yonhap NewsNewsen, Dispatch and Koreaboo

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