Ronnie Liang wows Guam; Hajji back on stage in 'Aida'

MANILA, Philippines -- To Guam and back: Not quite fully recovered from a series of unfortunate incidents between him and his former managers, singer Ronnie Liang says moving on has opened new avenues for growth.

He’s been training to manage himself in the absence of a hands-on, full-time manager for the time being.

Looks like the former “Pinoy Dream Academy” scholar is doing it all rather well. Ronnie recently closed a guesting in Guam, where he performed solo at the 113th Independence Day celebration sponsored by the Filipino Community of Guam.

The event, held June 17 at the Laguna Resort Hotel, was attended by Filipino leaders and businessmen on the island. On hand to lead the celebration were the officers of the FCG, namely Leah Beth Naholowa, president; Alex Gagaring, trustee, and Emelio Uy, chairman of the FCG board of trustees.

The governor of Guam, Edward Calvo joined the Filipinos in the celebration.

Special guest, presidential nephew Bam Aquino, expressly flew in from Manila for the occasion.

For many years, Guam has been celebrating Philippine Independence Day with a dinner and ball under the auspices of the FCG, the umbrella organization of all Filipino associations in the island. And there are many of them, numbering close to 30.

Ronnie performed four songs, including his own hits “Ngiti” and “Ang Aking Awitin,” before an appreciative audience. The singer cut short his Guam visit to receive an award, Top Brand’s Most Inspiring Male Model, Singer and Actor on June 18 in a ceremony held at Eastwood City.

Hajji here: Hajji Alejandro has made good his exit from the balladeers’ group, The Hitmakers, since a few years ago to focus on his solo career.

The singer still would not comment on a supposed feud between him and former rival, Rico J. Puno, preferring to talk instead about more pleasant news.

One of these is to promote, “Aida,” the musical by Elton John and Tim Rice, which Atlantis Productions is bringing to Manila from June 24 to July 10 at the Carlos Romulo Theater in RCBC Plaza, Makati. “Aida” is the story of a Nubian princess who falls in love with her captor and who soon finds herself caught between her love for this man and duty to her country.

Doing “Aida” has also given Hajji a chance to work with his daughter, Rachel Alejandro. “Aida” is played by West End returnee, Ima Castro, a veteran of “Miss Saigon” and a few other plays staged from London to Australia.

Source: Manila Bulletin

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