Jess Lee's Debut Album: Thank You My Love

After her fresh win in One Million Star last year, Jess Lee prepares for her debut.

And now, finally, releasing her first ever album entitled "感謝愛人" (Thank You My Love), Jess Lee proves that there is more to her.

Packed with 10 tracks, the album includes songs of different genres ranging from mellow dramatic to pop rock.

I really recommend her song "Suffering" whose music video was released recently, because it was very dramatic and soulful. Contrary to this song, almost every track in it has more upbeat tempo and varies that really showcases her voice range. Another song to hear is "Burn" though the intro part resembles Beethoven's "Moonlight Light".

The songs in this album has many moods which I love although I prefer the slower ones over the faster tracks.

A great album for a start!

My Rating: 9.5/10

Track List:

01. 送你分手 Get out of here
02. 煎熬 Suffering
03. 分隔線 Separation
04. 也好也不好 Good or Bad
05. 撤 Remove
06. 大火 Burn
07. 鞋 It's a new day
08. 離場 pull-out
09. 感謝愛人 Thank you my love
10. 如果愛是星光 shining

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