Ken Zhu calls himself a lusty, unfaithful man

TAIPEI: Taiwan singer-actor Ken Zhu declared that he was a lusty and unfaithful man during an appearance on a Taiwan television talk show on Monday, reported Taiwan media.

However, Zhu claimed that all men are the same and explained that men are naturally 'programmed' to be lusty and unfaithful.

"Men are instinctively driven to spread their genes, so they want to know a lot of people.

"Women don't let men do this, and I don't think it is right," explained Zhu.

Taiwan model-actress Maggie Wu - who is rumoured to be dating Zhu after being photographed on numerous occasions staying over at his home - might want to take some notes.

Zhu also took the opportunity to respond to the criticisms levelled against him over his break up with his former lover, actress Kelly Lin.

"A large portion of people try to use their logic to deduce my thoughts, but life is like a line. Some lines intersect and some run parallel," said Zhu before adding somewhat cryptically that "no conclusions can be drawn before the coffin lid is lowered."

He further expressed that people would always look unfavourably on his relationships because of his celebrity status.


Source: Channel News Asia

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