Hannah Quinlivan rejects participation in popular variety show

Jay Chou’s rumoured girlfriend chided for her bold decision to pull out of variety show Here Comes Kangxi at the last minute

18-year-old Eurasian model, Hannah Quinlivan, rose to fame after she was rumoured to be romantically linked with Jay Chou.

The model now garners almost NT$12,000 (approximately S$509) for each episode appearance on television.

The production team for popular Taiwanese variety show Here comes Kangxi had reportedly invited Hannah to appear on the show on three occasions, only to be declined by her management agency.

It was only recently that Hannah finally agreed to appear on the talk show as part of promotional activities.

Here comes Kangxi was due to be the first television programme to have an exclusive interview with the fresh model on her relationship with Jay since news of the alleged couple broke out.

The model, however, dropped a bomb on the production crew by abruptly pulling out from the talk show a night prior to filming. Hannah had declined to appear and cited "unpreparedness" as the reason.

As Here comes Kangxi is currently rushing its production for archiving purposes, halting filming for an episode was not a choice for the production team. Yet, a further talk with Hannah's management agency was not successful.

It was said that the model was too afraid to meet with the quick witted hosts, Dee Hsu and Kevin Tsai, who might press her with relationship questions.

As a result, the production team was forced to make changes to the episode's theme, which cost production fees to increase by NT$15,000 (approximately S$ 636).

When interviewed, Kevin Tsai expressed, "We would not force artistes to do what they don't like and the talk show will not stop because of anyone. We will just have to wait till she is ready to appear then!"

Hannah promised appearance on Here comes Kangxi had attracted many media to the recording, and her sudden no-show had prompted a backlash from the media, with many chiding Hannah for her bold decision.

Producer of Here comes Kangxi, Chen Yan Ming, has since expressed that despite her sudden pull-out, the talk show would not blacklist Hannah.

Source: Xin MSN

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