Arashi gives 300 million yen to disaster relief efforts in northern Japan

On October 2nd, Arashi donated approximately 300 million yen to the disaster-stricken regions in northern Japan. About 50 million yen comprises the members’ total royalties received from the sale of the pocket edition of their book “Nippon no Arashi.” The remaining amount comes from the publisher’s revenues on the book and from the sale of goods at their charity event at Tokyo Dome in June.

“Nippon no Arashi” is a book created by Arashi’s members about local culture across Japan. The original edition was donated to elementary through high school students at about 40,000 schools nationwide in September of last year. The book’s popularity led to the general release of the pocket edition in June of this year, and it has sold approximately 420,000 copies since then.

Arashi split their donations between the Iwate, Mitagi, and Fukushima prefectures, with each one receiving about 100 million yen. The three prefectures were hit the hardest by the massive earthquake and tsunami that occurred this past March.

The members of Arashi plan to continue their support of the ongoing disaster relief efforts.
Arashi just released their newest single “Meikyuu Love Song” on the 2nd. It was also announced today that the group ranked #1 in Oricon’s annual “favorite artist ranking” for the second consecutive year.

Source: Sankei Sports, Sports Hochi, Tokyograph
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