Hannah Quinlivan pulls out of another show

Netizens nicknamed the young model “Stand-up queen”

Previously, it was reported that singer Jay Chou's young model girlfriend Hannah Quinlivan had rejected participation in Taiwanese talk show Here Come Kang Xi a night prior to filming.

On Nov 3, it was said that Hannah had initially agreed to do a show next week for a women's footwear brand. However, she pulled out of the show with the excuse that she "had another job" a day before the show.

Both the production team and the brand did not pursue the matter nor badmouth the fresh model, because they were said to have "given [Jay] face".

After hearing about what happened, a reporter called the footwear company's public relations agency to confirm the matter. A spokesperson replied, "She (Hannah Quinlivan) said she had another job."

The spokesperson then declined to comment on how a double booking could have occurred or how the contract was signed in the beginning.

"I only knew she wasn't coming. As for the reason, I'm sure. Perhaps you should ask Hannah's manager," the spokesperson responded.

"Was there? We never received the notification from the PR firm," Hannah's manager said, when queried, causing more confusion to the matter.

The reporter then reminded her, "The PR firm said Hannah had another job and could not attend the event."

"I'm not sure of what you're talking about. I have to ask the PR firm first," Hannah's manager replied.

Judging from the attitudes of both the PR firm and Hananh's manager, netizens couldn't help but wondered if Hannah relied on her boyfriend's backing to determine her own work schedule.

Some of them even joked, "Why don't we nickname her 'Stand-up queen' instead of 'J girl'?"

Source: Xin MSN

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