Selina Jen once contemplated suicide

The starlet would not be able to become pregnant in the next three years because of the medication she is currently taking

Taiwanese singer Selina Jen finally married long-time fiancé Richard Chang on Oct 31.

At the press conference for his new book Yong Ai Shou Hou (Staying by with love) yesterday, Selina's father let on that his daughter would not be able to become pregnant in the next three years.

On his new book, Father Jen said, "I sold my life story, in exchange for everybody's support. Proceeds from the sale of the book will all go to the Sunshine Foundation for burnt victims."

When asked if he was eager to have his own grandchildren, Father Jen expressed, "Selina has to take different medication daily. She is not able to give birth now. She has to wait for two to three years before her skin tissues stabilise."

However, he emphasised that he would respect the newlyweds' decisions.

Additionally, Father Jen shared how his wife was heartbroken after Selina's accident.

"I wouldn't give birth to her, if I knew this was going to happen. Then, she won't have to go through such torture," Mother Jen apparently said.

Mother Jen also revealed that Selina contemplated suicide many times after her accident. Father Jen also asked her why she did not use a body double for her scene in the drama.

To which Selina replied, "Luckily I didn't use a body double. I'd be stricken with guilt, if [the double] was hurt instead."

The singer believes that she is able to receive a huge compensation and comprehensive treatment because of who she is.

Source: Xin MSN

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