Jay Chou is top-earner of the year

The singer’s annual income for this year is S$25 million

According to the Taiwanese media, singer Jay Chou led the charts for earning the most this year, making it his fourth consecutive win.

With 2011 coming to a close, various Taiwanese advertisers, recording companies, management agencies and Chinese organisers have compiled a survey, which listed the top five celebrity money-makers.

At the top spot is Jay, with a total annual income of NT$660 million (S$27 million). He beat former lover and singer Jolin Tsai by a mere NT$40 million (S$1.7 million).

Second place Jolin had an annual income of NT$620 million (S$26 million), while Show Luo is in third position, with an income of NT$550 million (S$23 million).

At fourth and fifth positions are singers Lee Hom with NT$500 million (S$21 million) and Elva Hsiao with NT$260 million (S$11 million).

Although Jay took the top spot for the fourth consecutive year, his income had actually decreased from his earning of NT$880 million (S$37 million) last year. The shrink in income might be due to fewer concert tours and a decrease in his public appearances. Furthermore, Jay only acted in one movie The Viral Factor this year.

Jay is the only artiste, who had a decrease in income, on the chart.

On the other hand, Jolin, in the second position, has had a steadily rising career. Her high-profile relationship with model Vivian Dawson had also helped to increase her popularity.

Just this year alone, Jolin shot a total of 21 advertisements and could be seen on television every few minutes. The singer pocketed more than NT$200 million (S$8 million) from 10 commercial shoots at the beginning of the year.

Third-position Show's income came from his regular hosting gig, public performances, concert tours, comments and a photobook. The singer made NT$200 million (S$8 million) more than last year, allowing him to advance from the fourth spot to the third this year.

Source: Xin MSN

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