Jay Chou: Take a photo from the front next time

The Taiwanese singer was spotted on a date with rumoured girlfriend Hannah Quinlivan again

Asian superstar Jay Chou previously said that he would admit to being in a relationship only if he and his loved one are captured on photographs. Despite the number of times he and model Hannah Quinlivan had been photographed together, the singer still refused to come clean on their relationship.

Yesterday, Jay made an appearance in Beijing to promote his latest album Exclamation Mark. He also unveiled the music videos for one of his songs 'Shadow Play'.

As his relationship with Hannah was still the focus of media attention, Jay had no choice but to keep changing topics to avoid the questions.

Last Friday (Dec 2), at around midnight, the singer was spotted dining and appreciating the night scenery with his mother and Hannah.

While the media claimed to have photos of Jay and Hannah, the singer emphasised, "I wore a mask the entire evening, only to take it off during the meal. You're great, if you can photograph me and her front views clearly. Profiles don't count!"

"If you took [the photos] outside the restaurant, I was wrapped up like a ninja, so don't try to threaten me with that picture. I said I wanted a clear frontal shot," Jay added.

The singer also spoke on his new movie Secret 2, which will begin filming next year. When asked if he would pick Hannah for the female lead, Jay replied shyly, "Let's end the topic here. I'll think about it again."

The host at the event also tried to stop the media, saying that they will "only talk about music today, and not girlfriend".

Jay quickly clarified, "There's never any girlfriend, just a friend of the opposite sex."

When probed if he would spend Christmas with Hannah, Jay said that "Christmas is a time to accompany family", before adding, "However, it's not bad to hang out with friends of the opposite sex."

Source: Xin MSN

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