A Lady Gaga X Jay Chou collaboration in the works?

The international superstar intends to use the Taiwanese singer’s dancers for her Asian tour

Living up to his reputation as one of the most highly-lauded Mandopop artiste around, Jay Chou's most recent and 11th album, Exclamation Mark, has been topping all major music charts for three consecutive weeks since its release on Nov 11.

Recently, it is rumoured that international pop sensation Lady Gaga took a liking to Jay's music, and intends to use the latter's dancers for her upcoming 2012 Asia tour.

According to the rumour, Lady Gaga was intrigued with Jay's distinctive Chinese-styled hip-hop music, and admired the singer's choreographer Xue Gao and his dance troupe.

Both singers were said to have met each other to discuss on a possible collaboration, through Hong Kong singer Edison Chen.

According to an insider, Xue Gao's dance company, Asia Dance Way, will handle the dance choreography for Lady Gaga's tour in Hong Kong next year.

However, they are still in discussion with Jay's side regarding the collaboration.

Responding through JVR Music yesterday, Xue Gao said, "We've received an overseas invitation, but we don't know if it's [Lady] Gaga."

JVR Music also denied that Jay met up with Lady Gaga, saying, "It's big news if they met, but they haven't."

Source: Xin MSN

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