Krissy and Ericka Releases "12:51" MV

This song was officially released a month ago and I hate it for not knowing a thing about that.

Anyways, so Krissy and Ericka, the lovely sisters are back with a brand new album entitled "12:51".

Together with it is the release of their newest original track that bears the same title which Krissy wrote herself.

In their official YouTube account, she said:

It took 2 years to finally finish this song, and this was probably how long it took me to move on and forget about the guy i wrote this for haha! I actually wrote this at exactly 12:51 am, hence the title. The lyrics reflect pretty much how I was feeling at that time and somehow every now and then I'd still find myself feeling this way - sad! Yeah, perhaps the mood is a bit emo but my sister and I find it the most heartfelt of all the songs we sung and we dedicate this especially for all the girls out there for the upcoming Valentine's day!

What I like about this song is that it has no other effects or whatsoever. Just simplicity and her voice. The song is actually a solo one with Krissy singing it while the music video features her sister Ericka.

I just hope that more songs like this one will be released because nowadays, songs are really really created for money. They lose their sole purpose.

Still, I love this song and hopefully, they go far especially that this album is released internationally. Hooray!

My Rating: 10/10

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