Ella Chen hopes Hebe Tien will find her true love too

The Taiwanese singer and her fiancé head to Guam Island for their wedding photo shoot

 Now that S.H.E member Ella Chen has found true love, she hoped the same would happen to good friend and band mate Hebe Tien.

Ella, together with her Malaysian fiancé Alvin Lai, headed to Guam Island over the weekend with an entourage of 30 people for her wedding photo shoot. Once there, the group visited the various tourist attractions, including Lovers' Cliff, which was Ella's favourite destination. This place is one of the must-visit places for couples on their honeymoon, because according to the island's legend, couples who ring the bell, found on the top of the cliff, three times, will have a long and happy life together.

The singer, who believed in the legend, made her fiancé ring the bell together, before she and Hebe rang the bell together again, hoping that the latter could share her happiness.

There was also a special place on the cliff where couples can write their names on locks and have them locked there, symbolising 'together forever'. There, Ella found a couple lock inscribed with the phrase "Sunshine Hebe" and exclaimed that it "is a good omen. I hope Hebe will find her true love too".

That night, the group enjoyed a dinner by the beach, and was watching a samba dance performance, when Ella and Alvin were asked to join in the dance on stage. Ella, who is known for her bubbly character, shook and twisted with all her might; on the other hand, Alvin did not know what he should do, tickling everyone present with his awkwardness on stage.

Source: Xin MSN

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