Show Luo starts own channel on YouTube

Google reportedly forked out millions of Taiwanese dollars to build a studio for the singer

Video-sharing site YouTube recently invited Taiwanese singer Show Luo to start his own channel on its site.

It is believed that Google, YouTube's parent company, forked out millions of Taiwanese dollars to create a personal studio for Show to shoot his videos. The studio included the singer's favourite leopard-print couch and a basketball hoop, making him the first Chinese singer to receive such preferential treatment.

The studio was used for the first time yesterday, at the press conference for the opening of Show's YouTube channel. The singer also premiered his first skit, titled 'Dancing Kid', which showed him mimicking Taiwan's 'Dancing Uncle' Ye Fu Tai and boasting the agility of his lower body.

When asked where he drew inspirations for his comedy skits, the Asian dancing king laughed and said, "For example, [I'll come up] with a series of comedies after I watched Donnie Yen's Fist of Fury. I also make my own horror movies on the iPhone sometimes."

However, to protect the interests of his fan club members, Show will give them "special privileges" by sharing his "really private homemade videos with them only".

Yesterday, Show also released his latest single You Wo Zai, which was immediately compared to the songs of Taiwanese rock band Mayday and singer Jay Chou, because of their similar musical styles. However, Show's manager dismissed these comparisons, "We invested a lot of money on the music video, so it's very different from the other singers."

Source: Xin MSN

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