Jay Chou and Hannah Quinlivan heads to Thailand together

The Taiwanese singer is said to be checking out locations for his upcoming movie

Although multi-hyphenate Jay Chou and model Hanna Quinlivan's relationship is slowly seeing the light of day, the couple is still unwilling to go public with their relationship, despite being photographed together many times.

The Taiwanese media spotted Jay and Hannah on a boat ride at Tamsui last week. Yesterday, they caught the pair at the airport, before they left for Thailand.

At around 7am, Jay's good friend Will Liu and his family, and dancer Xiao Mei were spotted checking in at Thai Airway's counter, in Taoyuan International Airport.

A short while later, the singer, decked in black sportswear, appeared with his mother at the second floor of the departure hall.

When the media questioned his plans to settle down with Hannah, Jay, who was wearing a facial mask, responded with an angry stare. Jay walked away without saying a word while he made his way towards customs.

One reporter later saw Hannah walking alone at the lobby on the first floor, when he was about to leave.

It is believed that the model is trying to keep a distance from Jay and his entourage. When Hannah spotted the reporter, she said nothing and headed towards the check-in counter.

Jay's music video director, stylist and make-up artist also accompanied the singer on this trip, fuelling speculations that the group is heading to Thailand to check out locations for Jay's upcoming movie Secret 2, which is scheduled to begin shooting in April.

Source: Xin MSN

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