Show Luo Releases "Count On Me" MV

With a new album set to be released on the first week of April, dance floor king Show Luo finally releases his first music video in the album entitled "有我在" (Count On Me).

The song was just so amazing! It was catchy and modern yet has a style of its own. It is pop mixed with bit of rock and dance pop. Also, I love how they inserted that interlude in the middle that is very modern dance with lots of beat and pumping. If you would listen to it closely, the instrumental has really no relevance and has a different melody yet when they are fused together, they create a great music.

Another thing you will love about this is the music video itself. It features Luo as a soldier that helps the refugees. I love the overall impact of it plus the effects in the near end was way too awesome!

A great start for the summer!

My Rating: 10/10

- Justin -

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