New Girl Group: Roomie

Well, they are not actually new since they first got the attention late last year after releasing their music video for "So Long" but it seems that there's quite a few info about them online.

So here's the buzz about this new girl group from Avex.

Roomie is a girl band who are so-called "roommates". They are composed of five members and the music has the influence of Japanese Pop and Korean Pop or J-Pop and K-Pop respectively.

A week ago, they released their latest mv for "Super Girl" which is an amazing song plus they are really good looking. What I am afraid though, is that they might be compared to Dream Girls who had their debut last year.

Anyways, here's a little bit info about our new ladies.

Name:  Katie 凱悌
Birthday: 4/25
Sign: Taurus
Position: Leader

Name: Bae Bae 貝貝
Birthday: 5/20
Sign: Taurus
Position: Singer

Name: Mify Chen 米非
Birthday: 9/26
Sign: Libra
Position: Singer

Name: Amber Super 安柏兒
Birthday: 2/1
Sign: Aquarius
Position: Rapper

Name: Lyla Love 創作
Birthday: 12/13
Sign: Sagittarius
Position: Creative

Well, their debut album is coming up and it is entitled "Super Girl". We look forward to seeing more of them. What do you think? :)

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