Girl's Generation TTS (Taetiseo)'s Debut EP Album: Twinkle

From their successful career as a group, Girl's Generation's Tae Yeon, Tiffany, and Seo Hyun forms a sub-unit they call Taetiseo which is after their respective names.

Packed with seven tracks, the album proves the consistency of each member as they go on their journey as a trio.

Starting off with their track "Twinkle" which is a funky retro song that features the influence of the music of the 70's and 80's.

It was followed by "Baby Steps", a remake of the classic song by Varsity. I think it sounded bad. The arrangement was a little bit off and awkward. However though, I think this is the right kind of genre for them for it really showcases their voice quality. Especially with those high notes, it was great but it was a wrong choice to cover.

Of all, "Love Sick", a sweet song with a ballad flavor, would have to be my favorite since it was just so pleasant to hear. I think it was perfect for them. They should really do songs like this. Also "OMG", another funky pop tune with an upbeat tempo, is good since it is not that fast but it sets a dance-y ambiance. While listening, I was imagining them doing a cute music video for them. And I praise their voice for doing a great job with the bridge part.

Overall, I find the album a great buy though I wish they could have explored more genres rather than keeping up with pop. But I think mellow and ballad is a great thing for them.

By the way, their album cover was exceptional.

My Rating: 8.9/10

 01. Twinkle
 02. Baby Steps
 03. OMG(Oh My God)
 04. Library
 05. 안녕(Good-bye, Hello)
 06. 처음이었죠(Love Sick)
 07. 체크메이트(Checkmate)

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